• Gorgoids


    These brutes are frequently used as bodyguards by the rich, the famous, and by just about anyone who can afford them. They are immensely powerful and strong, though not very smart. But, then again, with names like skullsplitter the 3rd and Axe to Grind Junior who in their right (or left) mind is going to mess with them?

  • The Serenti

    The Serenti

    (aka ‘The Perfect Ones’)
    Meet the most reviled and hated species in the entire galaxy. The song ‘Nobody Does It Better’ really should have been written for them and not some aging spy even if he did have a rather nice line in suits and amphibious cars.
    These beings do everything perfectly and are so nice and affable that you just want to wring their necks out of sheer frustration. But don’t, as they will quickly show how you are doing it all wrong. They will then introduce you to the art of neck wringing with a course, at a discount, so that you can be a true master at the art. See how utterly infuriating they can be! Now perhaps you can understand why many think the Serenti are best avoided at all costs.

  • Zumerians


    Your typical, archetypal alien, (only don’t tell Arbii that). They are the galactic good guys, so nice, that few have a bad word to say about them. Resourceful, intelligent, kind, and proud, (even if they are somewhat diminutive in stature). These aliens offer the perfect introduction to the weird and wonderful life that exists in the cosmos.

  • Xanatites



    The original reptilians! They are the fussiest and most meticulous of beings who rigorously, check, and re-check everything to the point that they have difficulty deciding on anything! When it comes to making important decisions don’t hold your breath as they are the ones to be found with timber, hammer, and nails on hand to build the chair and the fence that they will inevitably sit on.


    If they had a creed it would be to NEVER GET INVOLVED. Fortunately for us, Nat and his friends have other ideas…

  • Toropeds


    Think that interesting, but rather conventional librarian at your local library is really a human? Well, think again, because she just could be a Toroped. These shape-shifting beings are so adept at altering their form that with a little holo-suit magic they blend into almost any culture. They are natural travelers and are to be found on almost every planet with sentient life. Actually, finding them is damn near impossible. But if you know of anyone who is just so unbelievably normal that it is almost as if they are in disguise. Well, you could just be onto something…

  • Nudakai Fire Devils

    Nudakai Fire Devils

    Renowned throughout the galaxy for their hellraising ways. The destruction of thousands of worlds can be attributed to these literal fire starters. They are known for their spectacular, awe-inspiring. downright devilishly epic disasters.


    Nowadays, however, they try to live down their destructive ways of the past. Still, don’t get one angry as their tendrils burst into flame and that’s when the fun, along with most everything else, ignites.

  • AIs


    To humans, AIs are smart programs, that are in actuality, not very smart at all. To aliens, AIs are, quite simply, another species to be reckoned with. Sentient and incredibly intelligent, they are often to be found running and guarding spaceships and data-pads. Though don’t let their intellect fool you, organics (that’s us) and the universe tend to confuse and confound them.


    Contrary to what you may think, AIs are not infallible and they are far from perfect. (Remember only Serenti are perfect which may go some way to explaining the love-hate relationship these two races have.)

  • A final word on Generalizations

    A final word on Generalizations

    Of course, not all Zumerians are of the peace-loving kind. Just as not all Tamahogs.are shifty, potentially backstabbing, wheeler-dealers who will do anything to make a few extra creds.


    It is important to understand that generalizations of aliens are about as accurate as humanity’s understanding of the cosmos (in other words, not very). But they do give a glimpse into the nature of some of the species you’ll get to meet when you leave your home and start to roam the galaxy.